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Library Regulations

(as approved by the Faculty Board of Music)

Opening and closing

1. Details of the hours of opening in Full Term, Term outside Full Term, and Vacation shall be published in the Library Guide and posted on the library noticeboard and webpage.

2. The Library shall be closed for a period at Christmas, at Easter, at the beginning of September, and for a period after the end of Full Easter Term for the purpose of an annual inspection and the preparation of lists of missing materials. The Librarian shall give notice of any variations in opening arrangements.


3. The Library is open to all members of the University. Each member of the University seeking to use the Library is required to complete a form of registration upon first visiting the Library.

4. Other persons who are not members of the University may, at the discretion of the Librarian or of the Faculty Board of Music, be admitted to the Library for purposes of scholarship and research. Scholars wishing to consult the Library’s collections of rare books and music, facsimiles, microforms, or archival materials should make written application to the Librarian in advance of their proposed visit. Students from other Higher Education institutions may, under the terms of the SCONUL or other reciprocal arrangements, be granted reading facilities only during University of Cambridge vacations.


5.The following persons may borrow from the Library, provided that they are resident in the University:

      (a) Undergraduate members of the University


(b) Graduate Students of the University

(c) Members of the Regent House; senior members of the Faculty of Music; visiting scholars allocated working facilities in a Department or College; other persons giving instruction as part of the teaching programme of the Faculty of Music;

(d) other resident members of the University

Procedures for registration will be posted on the library noticeboard and webpage.

In exceptional circumstances, the Librarian or the Faculty Board of Music may grant to other persons the privilege of borrowing library materials under such conditions as they think fit.

6. Undergraduates reading Music and Graduate Students of the Faculty of Music may have on loan from the Library up to six books and four sound recordings at any one time; others eligible to borrow may have on loan from the Library up to four items at any one time. These numerical limits may be exceeded at the discretion of the Librarian.

7. No person shall remove any book or other library material from the Library without following the borrowing procedures laid down by the Librarian in the Library Guide. Readers shall only borrow library materials in their own name, and they will be held responsible for the loan until its return.

8. Any materials borrowed from the Library shall be returned as indicated on the borrowing records and Library calendar.

9. The Librarian may make certain library materials available for a restricted loan period only, and shall also have the power to restrict the use of such materials to specific categories of reader. Sound recordings and video recording may be borrowd for one day only. Books and scores in heavy demand may be borrowed overnight only. Rules governing such loans shall be published in the Library Guide and posted within the Library.

10. Reference, fragile and valuable materials (books of reference, Collected Editions and Monument series, Periodicals, Microforms, Examination Papers, Rare Books, M.Phil. exercises and dissertations, some facsimiles placed in reference classes, LPs etc.) may not be borrowed.

11. Certain types of material (e.g. orchestral sets) may be borrowed for periods exceeding those stipulated above, at the discretion of the Librarian.

12. Any material on loan that is required by another reader must be returned to the Library within four working days of the despatch of the Librarian’s letter of recall.

13. Every person who fails to return a book or other library material in accordance with Regulation 8 or 12, or who fails to return an overnight loan, shall be liable to a fine. The schedule of fines will be displayed in the Library. Fines will accrue for each day or hour that elapses before the reader returns the material, or notifies the Librarian that it has been lost. At the discretion of the Librarian, the privilege of using the Library may be withdrawn from any person owing a fine, until the fine is paid.

14. No user of the Library may in any way deface or otherwise damage Library materials, nor engage in the unauthorised removal of materials from the Library. Any person in breach of this regulation will be required to make good the cost of effecting all due restitution. Borrowers will be required to make good the cost of replacing or repairing materials lost or damaged while in their care.

15. A charge for the loan of orchestral sets will be made; the schedule of charges will be displayed in the Library.

16. Readers must return all library materials on completion of their course of study. In the case of undergraduate readers, library materials must be returned no later than the last day of Full Easter Term, unless they have the Librarian’s permission to do otherwise.

17. Quiet must be observed in all parts of the Library. The following items may not be brought into the Library: bags or cases; food or drink. Mobile phones must be switched off. Laptop computers may be used in the Library provided they are silent and do not disturb other readers; the power points in the Library may not be used for such equipment.

18. The Librarian shall have absolute discretion to direct the exclusion, either indefinitely or for a specified period, of any person who persistently infringes Library regulations, or whose admission is otherwise considered prejudicial to the interests of the Library or its users.

19. By registering at the library, users agree to adhere to all borrowing and copyright regulations as published in the Library Guide and posted within the Library.

(updated 2009)

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