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Borrowing, fetching & recalls

Can I renew books?

The Pendlebury Library system allows one renewal of term or vacation loans (provided there is no active hold or recall). Overnight loans and one day loans cannot be renewed. The renewal system will change in January 2018, alongside with other borrowing rules and regulations.


Some items need to be fetched by library staff for you (most commonly, but not exclusively, these include DVDs, CDs and microfilms). If you want an item to be fetched, and wish to use it in the library only we will ask you to leave your university card with us. The card will be kept with us, and we will return it immediately once you return the fetched item to us. This procedure applies to all fetched closed-access items (e.g. CDs, DVDs, MPhil theses, XPas, X….).


I need a book that’s on loan. How can I place a recall?


How can I pay my library fines?

You can pay your library fines in cash during the library’s opening hours, or pay them online (the minimum amount for online payments is £3).

If you have any questions about this service, please ask us.

When do I need to pay my library fines?

Until the end of 2017, when your fines reach a threshold of £3 (Music Faculty students) or £2 (all other users) your account will be blocked. Then you will have to pay any amount in order for your fines on our system to drop below £3 (Music Faculty students) and £2 (all other users). Different rules will apply from January 2018.

Finding library items

How can I find sound recordings in the online catalogue?

Use the Advanced Search on iDiscover and set material type to Audio Visual searching Cambridge Library Collections. You can also do a simple search and subsequently apply and lock filters. 

Until December 2017, click on Guided Search when using the Newton catalogue and then on Apply Limits. Choose Medium – Sound Recordings and click Set Limits.

I typed ‘symphony’ but couldn’t find Prokofiev’s 5th symphony. What should I do?

Try searching for “symphonies”. The score doesn’t always mention the English title.
When it doesn’t, a generic title is added in English. To make it as generic as possible (to cover collections etc.) it is always plural. So for any genre, try the English plural form in either the Title or Keyword Anywhere field.

Is there always an English title for operas in the catalogue?

No. Operas and any other works with a given title are always listed both in their original language and the language of the score, but not necessarily in English. If a search in English is unsuccessful, try finding out what the original title is in New Grove.

Access to e-resources

How can I access Naxos Music Library?

Naxos Music Library works on Raven access. 

How can I access Oxford Music Online (incl. Grove Online) during the holidays?

Grove online and many other online resources are available outside the Cam domain by using your Raven password

Facilities in the Library

Are there scanning and photocopying facilities?

Yes. The Library has a photocopier using DS Print. 

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