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Borrowing periods and due datesBorrowing limitsBorrowing proceduresOvernight loansReturning borrowed items

Borrowing periods and due dates

Borrowing periods for standard open access materials are for one term or one vacation. These can be renewed once. Due dates are posted on the Library noticeboard. You will also find the due date online in Newton on ‘Your Account’. Please return all borrowed items before the due date, because fines will accrue even during the holidays.

Overnight loans are for overnight borrowing only and are due back the next day before 10am. Audiovisual materials can be borrowed on 1 day loans. Overnight loans and AV materials cannot be renewed.

For a list of when term and non-term time borrowing starts and ends, see the calendar.

If a personal borrowing record expires before the due date for a term or vacation, the due date will be different from the dates mentioned above. If in doubt, please consult ‘Your Account’ on the Newton catalogue, or the Libraries Widget Login for the exact due date.

If an item is recalled, a new due date – as stipulated in the recall notice – will apply.


Borrowing limits

  • Undergraduates reading Music and Graduate Students in the Faculty of Music: any 10 items with a maximum of 4 sound recordings or videos
  • Faculty of Education (Music students only): any 6 items with a maximum of 4 sound recordings or videos
  • Other registered borrowers: any 4 items

Borrowing privileges are reserved principally for Resident Undergraduates and Graduate Students, and for teaching officers of the University and Colleges.
All borrowers must complete a registration form before using the library and must ensure that staff are informed of any changes of address, status, etc.
All borrowers must be in possession of a University/UL card which must be validated at the University Library before registering at the Pendlebury Library.


Borrowing procedures

Open-access material

For books and music on the open shelves (i.e. items that you can find for yourself – principally classes with prefixes Pa, Pb, Pc, and 871-899), you must take the items to the issue desk or self issue for borrowing. In order to borrow, you must always bring your University/UL Card. Overnight loans and AV materials can only be borrowed at the issue desk.
Please note that the issue desk closes 15 minutes before the library’s closing time.

Because borrowing periods are so long, we would like to encourage you to use the facility for placing holds or recalls on issued books.

Closed-access material

Certain materials are on closed-access and must be fetched by staff:

  • Sound Recordings and Videos
  • Rare, fragile or oversize books (XR, XP & XS classmarks), Microfilms/fiche, etc.

You must complete a fetching slip (a supply of forms can be found on top of the sound recordings catalogue) and hand it to staff at the issue desk.
Please note that fetching stops 15 minutes before the library’s closing time. At busy times you may have to wait for an item to be fetched; on Saturdays, some items cannot be fetched until the following Monday.
Closed-access material generally must be used within the library, although some categories are available on overnight loan and should be returned to the library desk when not in use, not be passed on to other readers nor left unattended for prolonged periods.

Overnight loans

Material in the following categories may be borrowed overnight only:

  • Books & scores in demand for Tripos courses (blue Overnight Loan label on spine)
  • Some XP classmarks (unless valuable, loose-leaf or fragile, etc.)
  • Any other materials identified as Overnight Loan


Overnight borrowing beginsDeadline for return

3.45 pm Monday to Friday

(BUT anytime from 10.30am onwards when the library is open mornings only)

10.00 am Next day

(BUT loans taken out on Friday are only due the following Monday)


Returning books

Ordinary loans

Please return all items at the issue desk.
Do not re-shelve borrowed items yourself, nor remove any books from the desk.
Chamber and orchestral sets must be returned complete; you will be held responsible for the whole set until it is returned.

Overnight loans

  • Overnight Loans can be returned at the issue desk during opening times or left in the bookdrop when the library is closed.
    Overnight loans will not be available for re-use until returned to the shelves by staff
  • Bookdrop: a book return is available at the library entrance between 8.45am and 9.30am in Full Term. This is provided to enable those with 9.00am lectures to return their Overnight Loans before the 10.00am deadline. In addition the bookdrop will be accessible anytime out of library opening hours when the Music Faculty building is open.
  • CDs, Cassettes & LPs, Videos, DVDs: make absolutely sure that these are returned complete
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