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Terms and Conditions

  • The library rules and regulations are designed to be equitable and efficient, and compliance with them is not optional. Persistent refusal to comply with the regulations, and other forms of anti-social behaviour, may lead to suspension of privileges or exclusion.
  • Users should treat other Library users and staff with courtesy and respect at all times. Quiet should be maintained in all reading and study areas; loud or extended conversations should be carried on outside. Mobile phones should be set to silent; laptops may be used in the Reading Room provided that they are silent and battery-powered. Bags, cases, food and drink (incl. bottled water) must be left outside.
  • Borrowers are urged to exercise discipline and control over their loans, to return borrowed material and respond to recall notices promptly, and not to exceed the borrowing limits. Readers must not remove any item from the Library unless it has been properly issued to them; such action may be construed as theft and proportionate disciplinary steps taken.
  • There are special rules for overnight borrowing course books, etc. and these must be adhered to strictly. The operation of overnight borrowing can take no account of readers’ other commitments, whether they be supervision or teaching arrangements, rehearsals or practices, etc. Readers are expected to make every effort to ensure that loans – most especially Overnight Loans – are returned on time.
  • All library materials are available on a first-come, first-served basis and NO advance reservation is possible (with the sole exception of rare materials where arrangements have been made in advance with the Librarian).
  • Staff are always available to offer help or advice. The following information can easily be found online: opening hours,  due dates for loans, holdings in the online catalogue.
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